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Missing Persons Investigations

There is no better resource for locating missing persons than an experienced detective. Law enforcement agency resources are limited and as licensed private investigators we are not bound by all of the rules and regulations that apply to government agencies, so can use any and all resources that may be helpful. We have access to software that gives us a unique advantage in missing persons cases - allowing us to reach deep into a persons credit, phone records, financials, legal history, and motor vehicle files. Missing persons cases include locating biolgical parents, missing minors, estranged friends, and more. Typical missing persons cases include: 

Collection of Information – First, we collect all information in the case. This includes a written statement of all known facts, a photo of the missing subject, information about any vehicles possibly being used, and any possible addresses where they frequent.

Collection of Initial Evidence – Next, we collect any evidence available in the case. This may include copies of phone logs, security camera footage, something with the missing person's strong scent, copies of any credit card statements used by subject, etc.

Office Investigaiton – Once we have a strong understanding of the case and available initial evidence, we begin researching each of the clues to build a comprehensive field plan.

Field Investigaiton – Once we formulate all possible locations or triangulate an area of travel, we go out in the field and follow up with the leads available. This may include canvassing areas by car or on foot, using tracker dogs, talking with neighbors or known witnesses, contacting other family members, employers, schools, hospitals, mortuaries, homeless resource centers, etc.

Report Writing – Last, we put together our findings in a report. In most cases, the final report includes the persons location, photos of the person we took on surveillance, and a recording of us contacting the subject in person (video) or by phone (audio) to check their welfare, or communicate to them any message you provide us. In many of our cases our clients are reunited with the person they are searching for.
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