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Using a private investigator for criminal defense, child custody, divorce, or other family-related legal disputes is quite common. The role of a private investigator varies by the type of dispute and the needs of the case, but P.I.s generally perform the following tasks:
Background Checks – The first step we take is to gather all information known about the subject person that we have access to. In many of our cases, there are hidden crimes or assets that are important to our clients case that we uncover. We look for criminal, civil, marriage, and other court records as well as access police databases, driving histories, motor vehicle records, financial records, and more.
Collection of Evidence – The second step is to collect evidence only the client or other persons have access to. This may include fingerprinting, photographing incident scenes, interviewing witnesses, serving subpoenas, reviewing phone records, etc.
Surveillance – Some cases will benefit from live surveillance. In these instances, we will go out and perform covert operations to track movements, record video, and gather intelligence about the persons the party is associating with. This is often deployed when there is a questions about income – as in a child support matter; infidelity matters; or in matters related to concerns about the safety of the minor children.
Report Writing – An unbiased 3rd party professional summarizing the information in  a format for the courts and other professionals involved in your case can be a crucial way to move your agenda forward. Convoluted events can be made simple and credible with a professional investigator’s report and testimony.